Deb Farina

Find yourself worrying, not taking action or feeling anxiety when you do?

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Know in your heart if you could move through this energy and be more visible, you could impact more lives?

Like you I kept going down the rabbit hole of worry, fear and anxiety

Those calming meditations felt good in the moment but weren’t stopping the pattern

So I created this…

The 3 things you need to move through energetically

>>> to know, feel or visualize

>>> to clear and let go of

>>> to ground and take action

These energy visualizations, clearings and meditations bringing you through the energy and helping you clear it, replacing it with new

So your desires can become reality

So you can raise your vibration to match the clients you want to welcome in

So you can call clients to you in alignment and with ease

∞ Introducing the energy Vault…

Magic for biz (and life) alignment + client attraction flow

When I began to work with the energy, when my clients started to use these videos…

Everything started to open up, clarity came streaming in

Ease replaced struggle.

Your investment is $33

What You Receive

12 energy visualizations, clearings, meditations – 1 for each month – to help you through a wide variety of topics every entrepreneur faces

Here’s a snapshot of a few…

…love & accept who and where you are

…aligned action with confidence


If you’ve been guided to this page and you’re ready to stop repeating the same patterns, click this button below and create your energy practice to move yourself through with energy support!


Hear from others who experienced this magic already

…was tugged towards Leap of Faith video. I immediately started to shed many tears and my heart space got realllllllly hot. I was shown symbols too rapidly to process. Feeling grounded! 

...started with the renew your commitment visualization. It was great. Opening up my heart chakra came in strong. So I visualized a "poof" popping through the block. Feels awesome so far and will do this visualization for the next 7 days. 

It’s time to follow your heart and move through the energy to begin your movement to impact more lives!