I just had the most amazing call with Deb Farina! For years I’ve struggled with trying to identify my block around money. It comes it goes. It flows like it’s supposed to, but it has never felt limitless and I’ve always had some feeling of scarcity. Today Deb helped me find my block for the first time ever! We are going the work next week to remove, but the process has already started! I can’t thank you enough, Deb! This is going to be life changing.
— Renee Chorney

I’ve been working with Deb since May 2016...I think what shifted most significantly is the belief that my dreams could be a reality and the courage and knowledge to walk the path of those dreams with your positive energy and support the entire way...My business is manifesting. My intuitive senses are opening and expanding at a rapid rate and I am having a blast - so happy and fulfilled.
— Pamela Strum




"Emily Cisewski and Deb Farina, thank you for this experience...I had been frustratingly stuck developing clarity around my niche and message. You assured me that we could make progress on clarifying my niche, and you did not let me down. As a result of this program I now have a focus and direction for my business - and it seems even a name, a tagline, and a message! - that make me feel confident and powerful..."
~ Courtney Rannells-Vehec

"I worked with the wonderful Deb Farina and Emily Cisewski together…
Through our sessions- I BECAME clear that I needed to prioritize my in person therapy clients, more than my online work. Not only was I able to let go with CLARITY -of what wasn't in alignment, but it led to an opening of what WAS! As soon as I declared this, literally a day later, 3 new in person clients appeared--Into my open space. I was also free to explore 2 other opportunities that came forth as my intentions became clear! After 5 weeks- It is going really well...and I thank these 2 ladies for helping me to see the power of commitment and alignment! I'm taking just a couple of online clients at this point.. the perfect balance for me!"
~ Laurie Nelson





I have to say that I have been working with Deb Farina both as an Intuitive Business Coach but also through her FB group! I watch the videos she shares and really take a lot from them! She has helped me through a major shift both in business and intuitively! Thank you Deb for your light, your love and your gift!
~ Mandy Steen

I had one of these sessions with Deb Farina and it was phenomenal! She tunes right into you and cuts right to the heart of the matter...I've gotten more out of two sessions with her than months of counseling from a traditional counselor. I love that she gets to the "here's how to address/resolve that" piece and offers suggestions and focus...Deb goes beyond letting you vent and share your story to really helping you see things clearly and take those next steps. Love you, Deb! 💕 Can't wait to work with you again!
~ Jane VanVooren Rogers





Deb Farina thanks for everything!! Started taking bold steps in my business...I couldn’t be more happier!
~ Shawntia

Deb, I want to thank you for replying to what I wanted to manifest with my last offer. I worked on my fears because of last month results and you were right! My clients were there and loving the course!!
~ Vero