Deb Farina

Desires to Manifest

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your soul is calling

There’s a deep desire in your heart and you can often feel it in your body

wanting you to take action.

This desire is divinely guided, connected to your soul business purpose…

which is aligned to your life path and reason for being.

It’s why you feel it so deeply.

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You’re ready for manifesting to be easier…

But you’d like a roadmap.

One that actually works!

The reason why those steps you’ve followed from other manifesting experts haven’t worked is manifesting is not a linear process.

∞ It’s an energy practice…

And why I’ve been guided to share with you the vibration stages of manifestation.

When you join this email series, an extension of Manifest with Deb E-News, you gain access to both the practical understanding of what the 4 stages are 

AND the magical mantras to invoke the feelings at each level.


Deb Farina

Deb is extremely passionate about manifestation, bringing attraction energy authentic marketing to all spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs so they can create their own energetic aligned process to attract clients and scale their business for freedom of time. She has over 15 years of coaching experience and 7+ years working in psychic strategy with spiritual entrepreneurs. Prior to setting out on her own, she worked for small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies, guiding CEOs and COOs to double and triple their businesses.