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so your ideal client finds you without exhausting your time.

Your clients aren’t seeing you and it’s frustrating because there isn’t the impact or income you desire to feel fulfilled and taken care of.

You aren’t sure what to do and when you do take action, you don’t always get the results you long for.

Here’s the thing…

You know you are meant to impact more, you deep down recognize you don’t need to hustle (even if your mind isn’t there yet) AND you’re looking for a framework .

But the framework must be unique to you, aligned for your intentions or goals AND give you freedom of time.

Introducing the MAP for Visibility & Time

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If you have come to this page and read this far, you know this offer is aligned for you

Now comes the fears and patterns which stop you from taking steady action.

It’s why I offer a FREE Psychic Biz Assessment Call for you to recognize the level of alignment and commitment you are ready for now.

This call begins your journey to go beyond what your mind judges as not possible and brings you back into alignment with divine + universal soul-path timing...what you’re meant to do.

With the Map, you break free from systems based in control or fear and you get really visible so your clients find you.

PS ~ Getting really visible doesn’t mean posting every day for everyone.

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What you receive

~ 3 1:1 45-60 minute psychic biz coaching sessions that guide you to clarity, visibility and time.

Investment for Map: $1450 or $500/month

Based on when you purchase, special bonuses may be available to you!

If you’re ready to give a framework to your intuition for visibility and time, you’re willing to try things as long as they feel expansive AND you know you can help people, book a free Psychic Biz Assessment call with code MAP now.

Already had a psychic biz assessment call? Follow up calls are available here >>> Discovery Call