Deb Farina

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Are you ready to shift your vibration to manifest increased clients, income and time?

…go from feeling unworthy or not deserving to growing your business with deep soul purpose

…release the judgment and perfectionism that comes up when you’re visible with your message to expand your impact to a larger aligned audience

…become used to a strong vibration that attracts clients, income & time with ease in this 5D reality of manifestation

Begin with Presence to Increase Impact of Your Vibration Now




$97/month for 3 months


What you receive ∞

...Manifesting Clients/Income/Time Vibration Guidance: 4 short downloadable videos with exercises

Video 1: Permission to Do you desire versus what is expected

Follow 3 key exercises to clear the mindset patterns of perfectionism and fear of failure, opening you up to manifest the desire you’re most ready for now - clients, income or time.

Video 2: Loved Beyond Actions...whether you’re clearly understood or share a belief not widely accepted

Take a journey through ancestry and childhood patterns to strengthen your voice and be heard with love, brightening your light of visibility to increase your clients, income and time.

Video 3: Born with Gifts-Talents-Support...your worth ties into your divine path

Explore 2 deep dive visualization or journal experiences align with 3 actions you can take now to release fears of unworthiness and own manifesting your divine business purpose, resulting in enough clients, income and time.

Video 4: Alignment without Attachment...manifest desires in divine and universal timing

Discover 1 action (from 4 examples) that you can do daily to increase your alignment to manifest with ease and simplicity.


...Continuous Q&A: a Facebook group community of like-minded entrepreneurs with multiple times of week visits from me to provide support to your post and video questions

...LIVE support: a monthly call to talk through any mindset patterns or questions on the highest good way to align for your business

Hone your vibration to be the greatest impact you’re ready for now with your business and close that gap in clients, income & time

BONUS! >>> Develop your intuition and aligned actions as a result of doing the exercises.




$97/month for 3 months


Enroll by June 30, 2019

Facebook Group opens doors on July 1st with a Welcome Exercise


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When does the course begin?

The course officially begins July 10, 2019 with a LIVE kick off in the Facebook Group.

2. How often are the videos released?

The short videos with exercises are released every 2 - 3 weeks, with a program completion of September 3, 2019.

3. When are the live calls?

The live Q&A office hour calls are July 18th from 4pmEST to 5:30pmEST and August 15th from 4pmEST to 5:30pmEST.

4. What if I am unable to make the live calls?

You have continuous support in the designated Facebook Group and are welcome to post a question (even a video, if it’s easier).

1st time ever - a 60 day guarantee

To be eligible, you must complete all exercises timely as presented in the videos, show up and participate in both live calls (or be active with questions in the Facebook Group) and have no increase in clients, income, or time.



Deb Farina

Deb is extremely passionate about manifestation, bringing attraction energy authentic marketing to all spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs so they can create their own energetic aligned process to attract clients and scale their business for freedom of time. She has over 15 years of coaching experience and 7+ years working in psychic strategy with spiritual entrepreneurs. Prior to setting out on her own, she worked for small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies, guiding CEOs and COOs to double and triple their businesses.