Client Attraction Flow for Spiritual & Conscious Entrepreneurs

Master your unique client attraction process, bringing you impact, income and time that gives structure without the box and space for creativity

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Do you desire to be visible and create impact, feel fulfilled and attract clients continuously?

Are you ready to overcome the doubt, the overwhelm, the fear of failure so that you can take aligned action, be clear on your outcome and magnetize clients?

I know how it feels to be aware yet unclear on what next step to take to attract clients...
or even worse, going to take the action and being paralyzed by doubt or worry, afraid to change how it is now
Then, finally being visible but not receiving the clients like you hoped, questioning if you’re headed in the right direction

Introducing a client attraction map you create that doesn’t box you in or force you to pick an ideal client avatar, getting hung up on the problem and solution

A more energetic approach that works for intuitively driven those called to it spiritually or who desire to serve on a deeper level

One that naturally has you awaken your gifts and use them for your biz success ...that activates the attraction part of the process - the magnetizing power of your business

Reconnecting you to your purpose and grounding it with practical solutions that work for you

It's the Awake & Attract Membership
Do you want to take actions to create and expand your business so it looks like this…

You love what you do and you clearly communicate easily with people who want to buy your offers. In fact, you have a stream of clients, an audience who gets it, and it’s continuous.

Plus, your income is better than a structured job in society because you feel fulfilled, doing what you are meant to, and you have time for other things, from self-care to travel to family/friends.

Awake & Attract can help you do this and more!
what you'll discover
Each quarter has a different focus so you master each aspect of the client attraction flow.
In Quarter 1, experience Divine Expansion...Intuition to Guide Your Biz so it’s aligned, unique and successful.
You’ll deep dive to master the intuitive aspects of grounding ideas to offer, of strengthening intuition to develop aligned actions to support your ability to attract and discover where to find the synchronicities that confirm you’re on track with your biz path.
Whether you are beginning to use intuition or use it daily, you will discover what you can do to master it for your business success.
The Proof is in the results...
My clients have...
>>> signed up soulmate clients for group programs and brought on mentorship clients
>>> grown Instagram and Facebook, doubling each list and obtaining clients from each
>>> created systems and processes that are allowing to work smarter for less time, maximizing the impact made
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what You Receive

each month, a masterclass + pdf on a specific topic and essential part of client attraction flow

In January 2019, you receive Divine Intuition Part 1 with your intuition to develop an idea for your business, whether it’s a new offer or finding the area you are choosing you focus on now

...strengthen your intuitive muscle with creative business exercises that bring clarity and confirmation

...dive in deep with your intuition to gain the details around the client attraction steps for your offer or area choosing to focus on

~ More advanced entrepreneurs will master the client attraction on-ramps that work for them and expand their efforts to reach more people


In February 2019, you expand with Divine Intuition Part 2

...develop your relationship with your intuition to discover your next business steps with questions, journaling, visualizations, etc.

...create your own unique system that is a no-fail energy practice, ensuring both confidence in what is aligned and in your ability to take action on it

~ More advanced entrepreneurs will begin to create intuitive business strategy maps for client attraction continuous flow and deepen confidence in concrete client on-ramps that work for them


In March 2019, you complete the intuitive cycle with Spirit Synchronicity

...recognize the way you can confirm your intuition is aligned with you and strengthen your ability to take action (or wait as guided) every time

...notice the difference between when fear stops you and when you aren’t in alignment with your biz steps including offers

...walk away with your system to know when you are on track with your business path and when you need to tweak it

~ More advanced entrepreneurs will master their intuitive business strategy maps (aka client attraction flows) for longer periods of time, planning in advance as much as a year or more.


you also receive...

>>> a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and a place to ask questions, receive reliable guidance and support

>>> weekly energy messages with grounded practical guidance to utilize the energy to support you in expanding your business clarity and direction

>>> a group energy card reading 2x/month to support you to shift patterns and beliefs so you continue to take actions to attract

Bonus! >>> Divine Numbers Masterclass & Client Attraction Flow worksheet


>>> Access to a library of video content to support you including 3 Steps to Message from Intuition to Attract Clients, From Idea to Offer, and the Role of Intuition & Emotion.

AND 2 chakra guided clearings on Asking and Alignment.

The 1st 3 who join by December 11, 2018 will also receive a 30 minute 1:1 Psychic Biz Client Attraction Map session with me (value $297). All sessions will be scheduled between December 26, 2018 and January 3, 2019.

Outcomes you can expect

~ your client attraction steps will be clearer and your confidence to speak in your messaging will strengthen

~ you’ll have either an established daily go to practice to utilize your intuition or a strategy map for continuous client flow, depending on where you are in the process

~ you’ll understand when your client attraction steps need to be tweaked and when they simply need time to build momentum.

Doors open again Tuesday, December 3, 2019.


Hear from a client…

I have absolutely loved working with Deb every step of the way from our first intro call to now going into my second program with her. Her intuition and guidance is extremely accurate and she really helps ground all my aspirations into where I currently am which helps me focus on the specific next steps to move forward. I am so grateful I found her and to continue working with her!

Your Investment Is...
Join the membership and receive your intuitive guidance to client attraction flow with a monthly masterclass, weekly energy update + biz steps AND a confirming aligned energy group card reading 2x/month for $47/month or $111/quarter


Choose VIP status to receive a personalized monthly 15-20 minute channeled video with guidance to bring deeper clarity to your personalized attraction flow and/or to overcome mindset as you expand into the next level of your business for $80/month or $212/quarter

When you awaken each day and remember your spiritual practices, marrying them with grounded practical actions; then, let your emotions amplify: YOU attract

It’s what Awake & Attract is all about and it’s time for you to experience it too!

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IDEAL FOR YOU in either of these 3 cases

>>> if you are moving slowly and methodically because this is how you process or due to other priorities like a full-time job, family responsibility, health concerns, etc.

>>> if you have a coach but require the psychic guidance and alignment support, giving you the last check mark so you can run with it and receive the tweak support you need when something goes off track

>>> if you’ve been in business awhile but have reached a plateau or are hesitant to change to leverage your time and are cautiously open to change


Hear from another client…

My life has opened up, expanded and soared. I think what shifted most significantly is the belief that my dreams could be a reality and the courage and knowledge to walk the path of those dreams with your positive energy and support the entire way. We have been focusing on my business dreams in a healing modality, yet personally I have changed along the path. My business is manifesting. My intuitive senses are opening and expanding at a rapid rate and I am having a blast - so happy and fulfilled.

It’s time to let your desires become stronger than your fear…create and expand your business for impact, income and freedom of time.

Join the membership today.

Planning ahead?

See what's coming...

Quarter 2: Attraction Expansion >>> Attraction to Call Your Clients so they find you

In April, May and June, you discover where you can tap into the energy of your biz to see repeat patterns in your clients, find your voice to magnetize your clients like a bat signal, and overcome visibility fears to message for the masses.

Quarter 3: Abundance Expansion >>> Receive & Welcome in Abundance (Wealth, Time, Resources) for greater client impact and more income

In June, July and August, you uncover what you can do to expand your potential to receive clients, where you can create relationships and naturally flow clients to your offers, and recognize your value and worth, pricing from the heart-soul for each offer.

Quarter 4: Master Expansion >>> Flex, Flow Map of Strategy to Master Client Attraction for Impact, Income & Time

In October, November and December, you begin to leverage your skills to create strategy that works for you, create continuous on-ramps and be known for what you do, and master the skills of calling impact, income and time to you.


Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to join for 3 months or can I do 1 month?

3 months is the minimum time required and is a requirement that supports the energy commitment needed to really see sustainable change.

2. Will you offer this again?

This particular section of the membership will be offered same time, next year.

3. When will the masterclasses be held?

The masterclasses will be held at different times each month to accommodate the various time zones of participants and will always be available as a replay to download.

4. Is there a refund?

Due to the nature of this course, the interaction in the group plus downloadable masterclasses and proven past results with clients, no refund is available. If you do the work, you will see a change in your business.

5. How does this membership differ from group or VIP 1:1 coaching?

The Awake & Attract membership is more do it yourself practices with a community of support. For VIPs, there is an added 1 month touch point to keep you on track versus longer 1:1 interactive conversations.

One recent VIP had this to say about the personalized channeled video:

WOWWWWEEEEE that was incredible I LOVEEEE the VIP vids...seeing the pieces and the things that pop was very helpful. I get hung up around the word “healer” so you hit that nail on the head...this definitely gives me ideas.

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Deb Farina

Deb is extremely passionate about bringing attraction energy authentic marketing to all spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs so they can create their own energetic aligned process to attract clients and scale their business for freedom of time. She has over 15 years of coaching experience and 7+ years working in psychic strategy with spiritual entrepreneurs. Prior to setting out on her own, she worked for small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies, guiding CEOs and COOs to double and triple their businesses.