Deb Farina

It's Natural for you to be intuitive

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The divine Feminine

Have you wondered if you were intuitive? Psychic?

And quite possibly, the thought scares you.

Or maybe you’ve already started to explore this muscle but desire to use it more consciously to manifest…

Intuition is available to you and being guided to this page was synchronicity to confirm you’re ready to strengthen this muscle. (yeah!)

Knowledge always overrides fear and the more you know about working with intuition, the more you will see it’s natural for us all.

Intuition plays a big role in manifesting, bringing things to form so your senses realize it.

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Would you like to harness the power to feel more confident and clear with the steps you take?

Above is a pic from the trip I manifested to Hawaii

Less than 3 weeks after I put it on my vision board

When you develop your intuition…

You honor your purpose and your journey

Plus align strongly with your higher self - the place you manifest from

Tune into your intuition in this 3 part audio series.


What you receive:

Access to 3 audios: Intuition or Imagination, the 4 Clairs & How to Let it Unfold

When you work with these audios, you begin to harness the mindset to manifest and to open your intuition to the divine feminine support for manifesting your purpose in the world.

Plus, an opportunity to continue with more resources in Manifesting with Deb E-News.

Meet Deb Farina

Deb is a psychic biz coach, who specializes in client attraction. She is here to guide you to transcend your mindset and find the vibration to manifest clients, income & time, plus have fun while you’re doing it. Prior to setting out on her own in 2012, Deb worked for small and medium sized companies, guiding both CEO and COO to double, then triple their businesses.