Deb Farina

Divine Feminine to Manifest

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you’re awakening to possibilities that equal more soul

The fulfillment without sacrificing your needs

a feminine way to live and be…and succeed

The soul will continue to call to you until you take action

it’s part of your evolution to expand and remember what you came here to do

To go beyond the 3D conditioning of society

and step into the 5D of synchronicity with soul to manifest clients, income & time

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You’re ready for it all to be easier…

But your mindset has you on pause

you take action then wonder if you’ve got it right

when you develop your intuition, you know

when you open yourself to manifest, you receive

and when you’re willing to awaken your mindset to new possibilities, soul success is inevitable.

As a gift for watching the podcast, you’re eligible to download

divinely guided feminine to manifest

An action PDF with added insight into intuition ∞ Manifesting ∞ Mindset


Deb Farina

Deb is extremely passionate about manifestation, bringing attraction energy authentic marketing to all spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs so they can create their own energetic aligned process to attract clients and scale their business for freedom of time. She has over 15 years of coaching experience and 7+ years working in psychic strategy with spiritual entrepreneurs. Prior to setting out on her own, she worked for small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies, guiding CEOs and COOs to double and triple their businesses.