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Hear from 1:1 + community: Mastermind

Deb pointed out the direction that would be most aligned for me to take and three months later, I found my way out of the overwhelm…

I’m in a position to bring my energy into my second business and I feel supported from the standpoints of mindset, energy and attraction practices as well as the practical business elements.  ~Adrian walker hall

These results happened in the 1st 3 months of working with me. since then, she has launched her beta program ~ her 1st online launch ~ and attracted aligned clients with the 1st post.

And best part, she didn’t feel like there was any effort with the actions.

Here’s what 1 client had to say about working with me in the exclusively 1:1 mentorship model…


Want more 1:1 Mentorship results?

HERE’s Kat Michaels, a global angelic healer, psychic, and intuitive mentor.

∞ brought on a long-term mentorship client for a brand-new high-value package

signed up soulmate clients for a revamped high-value offer, which she successfully sold for double its original price

>>> attracted multiple regular soulmate clients to her 1:1 sessions

∞ grew her Instagram and Facebook, doubling each list and obtaining clients from each

created a group healing process to maximize her impact and exposure as well as attract her ideal clients

>>> reduced the wide variance in her business income, increasing it month-to-month & making it a more reliable and sustainable source of income

∞ created systems and processes that are allowing her to work smarter for less time, maximizing the impact she can make with her business

And oh yeah, she now sees that it's possible to quit her full-time job sooner than she imagined, increasing her impact and income even more.

It all started with an intention

for her to have her clients find her and a decision to invest with me to accelerate and clarify her work out into the world.

You can do what Kat DID too (I know, I’m psychic) >>> it all starts with a psychic biz assessment.

your intuition always knows - your job is to trust it!

If you’re... 

∞ Ready to integrate intuition with strategy FOr your biz.

∞ have an offer but want support in the steps to attract your clients to it.

∞ Believe in law of attraction or being present, knowing you can align and attract.



Aspire to impact 1:1 options {mastermind or mentorship} are personalized in the assessment call and start with a minimum of 3 sessions. invests range from $1.5k to $8k, customized to meet you where you are and desire to be.