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Would you like to attract clients continuously and feel confident in your message online?

You desire to be able to speak in your voice and magnetize clients to you with your posts, videos or emails…

So you create an impact with your offer or program and have the freedom of income to do all of this full-time, at least your version of full-time

But you aren’t sure what to do - that will work for you - to get there

Becoming clear on my message as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and recognizing my sweet spot of client attraction (the how my clients came to me) as a practical business gal were 2 BIG challenges for me

I would post, email, do a video...and wondered if anyone saw it.

Sometimes, people would like it and maybe even engage with it but my offer sales remained at 0...even with my desire to coach and impact so strong.

Until I discovered a way to get my messages clear and feel confident in them!

And I saw energetically what I could do to magnetize clients authentically

Then suddenly it was sales and more sales...magical offers that turned into clients and increased visibility without the hustle.

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What if you knew you could create your own authentic sales with your unique messaging and impact with your client attraction process?

That you too could be visible, create impact and have ideal clients you love to work with saying yes

That your content could flow with confidence, magnetizing your audience and your people easily know you are for them even when you have multiple offers.

That you could be creating income, feeling fulfilled and having freedom of time.

Is this something you desire now?

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Introducing Client Expansion 3: Messaging and Attraction...

Feel confident in your message online and magnetize clients

For multi-passionate entrepreneurs who desire to find their steps to more clients and impact now

Tangible Outcomes You Can See When You Work with Deb...
>>> attract multiple consistent clients to your group sessions Client experience: a client who had as much as 30 people who consistently came back, month to month
>>> sign up soulmate clients to your offers Client experience: multiple clients who attracted clients who were ideal for the transformation they provided, no matter the price (low and hi end)
>>> grow your following on any social media, obtaining clients from it Client experience: a client who grew her Instagram to bring in clients continuously

Frustrated with not being sure what to say or what offer to lead with?

Desire to make that impact already and stop having to take multiple courses?

Tired of the ideal client avatar exercises and swipe copy files that seem so boxy, hard to implement for your biz?

Would you like outcomes that look like this…

>>> Clients saying yes to your offers - offers that feel like you and are easy to write about

>>> Your messaging is seen and attracts your ideal clients in droves...the very people you want to work with find you!

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Attract clients continuously and feel confident with your messaging online with this key flow and the implementation support to back it up…


Your Investment

for these 13 weeks including 4 modules, 5 psychic biz coaching group calls, plus support and guidance in the closed Facebook community

What You Receive
Module 1 ~ Authentic SaleS
Discover what to do to express your voice online and make sales with relationships that bring you even greater clarity to your message, brand and offers.
Module 2 ~ Messaging to Magnetize
Learn what creates the message to draw in ideal clients who are ready to say yes, calling them both with vibration and words.
Module 3 ~ Magic Your Offer to Clients
Recognize the key aspects to any offer success and determine the offer you can lead with that has your ideal clients saying yes to all your offers.
Module 4 ~ Visibility for Time
Create a platform that brings you clients without the hustle, giving you freedom of time and the structure that allows for creativity and inspired ideas.
PLUS BONUS: Energy Branding Masterclass
the 3 stages of branding for Impact & Time
Find the passion you desire to share and line it up with the colors, vibes, words (hey SEO!) that magnetize plus gain clarity on your style for audience reach.

One of the biggest challenges I see is that Entrepreneurs sign up for courses but never implement the material…

It’s why the this signature program has 4 live personalized group psychic business coaching calls in between each module plus a bonus Q&A call.

...to move you past where you feel stuck or challenged

…to confirm the next step that is aligned for you and your biz, bringing you the highest possible outcome

Key for entrepreneurs who value the uniqueness of their business and are willing to have the support to bring it out.


I have absolutely loved working with Deb every step of the way from our first intro call to now going into my second program with her. Her intuition and guidance is extremely accurate and she really helps ground all my aspirations into where I currently am which helps me focus on the specific next steps to move forward. I am so grateful I found her and to continue working with her!
~ Amy Jordan


Plus 4 visualizations to attract clients you love who say yes because the energy is as important as the steps

AND a cozy Facebook Group with check-ins dedicated to supporting you, guiding you every step of the way so you can personalize each thing you learn.

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All the modules have creative exercises that are easy to implement and support you to attract clients from the beginning.


Your Investment

Your return ~ find your voice, messaging and process to attract clients continuously

The Facebook group opens February 28th so you have a whole 3 weeks to work with the energy branding masterclass

Plus there is a bonus orientation call on March 13th, before the program even begins!


Successes created when working with Deb....what shifted most significantly is the belief that my dreams could be a reality and the courage and knowledge to walk the path of those dreams with your positive energy and support the entire way. We have been focusing on my business dreams in a healing modality, yet personally I have changed along the path. My business is manifesting...and I am having a blast - so happy and fulfilled.
~ Pamela Strum


Frequently asked questions

1. When does the program start?

While the program officially kicks off March 22nd, you gain access to the closed group and energy branding masterclass on February 28th plus a bonus live call on March 14th.

2. What if I can’t make the live coaching calls?

The Facebook group is extremely interactive and I reply to all posts/comments that inquire questions, often with video replies so you have continued support and guidance.

3. Will the modules be live?

The modules and workbooks will be provided to you 1 - 2 weeks before the live coaching calls so you can go at your own pace, download them and keep them for life. All coaching calls are currently scheduled for Wednesdays from 4 to 5pm EST.

4. How much time will this program require?

As always, this is up to you. You can spend an hour or two each week, or every other week, based on where you are in your business.

5. Is this program for me if I don’t know what my biz is yet?

If you have an idea of what your biz is and you’re ready to get moving on it, this is an excellent program to focus you and give you the steps. If you have not idea and want to explore your purpose, this is not the offering for you.

6. Could this program help me if I already had clients but want more?

Absolutely! While there will be basic information provided for the newer entrepreneurs, I always share guidance for those looking to master the material.

7. Who is this program ideal for?

Client A: You’re analytical and you haven’t taken committed action because you want to know the steps (and maybe you doubt you can do it). You desire the exercises and the support to keep you committed but not interfere with your lifestyle - self-care, travel, family, etc. You are willing to put the effort forward but you aren’t looking to hustle.

Client B: You are multi-passionate, driven by intuition and you’re not interested in picking 1 thing. You desire focus, and a structure that works to attract clients plus gives you freedom of creativity, allowing for those inspired ideas. You are in this for impact but the need for income does come into play and you’d love to increase your income.

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Deb Farina

Deb is extremely passionate about bringing attraction energy authentic marketing to all spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs so they can create their own energetic aligned process to attract clients and scale their business for freedom of time. She has over 15 years of coaching experience and 7+ years working in psychic strategy with spiritual entrepreneurs. Prior to setting out on her own, she worked for small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies, guiding CEOs and COOs to double and triple their businesses.