Vibrating for Client Visibility

vibrating for client visibility (1).png

When you’re visible with what you love it always creates a vibe of joy, one of the highest magnetizing vibes there is.

I’ve always been a fan of children’s stories. It’s why I chose the pic for this post!

The ah-ha the story inspires, the profound question or emotional ending that has you rethinking your perspective.

It’s the mindset piece behind manifesting…

Because you manifest all the time

But what if you always manifested for your soul fulfillment

Ah-ha, I know the practical side in you is already thinking but I have to pay the bills and buy food

I’m nothing if not practical (Virgo here)

And that’s why I’m sharing with you why this is practical {and magical} before I even share how.

When you’re happy and feeling fulfilled by what you do

Your clients want to be too and that’s good for everybody. (Just sayin’)

Emotion is what invokes the yes to work with you and there’s more on that stage in this video...


We all have 3D conditioning (patterns and beliefs from society) that messes with our magic (yes, me too!) but now you can walk yourself to 5D manifesting freedom in this extension of Manifesting with Deb E-News: