To Niche or Not to Manifest Clients


A few months ago I saw a post - actually an ad - on Facebook that talked about why you didn’t need to niche.

It sited the Mona Lisa as an example and gave the thought prompt, what if da Vinci only considered himself a painter?

It triggered me (which is my sign to look closer).

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than 1 offer who has spoken both FOR and AGAINST nicheing, I realized why.

Isn’t da Vinci being known for his great masterpiece the same concept as niching - it’s what he’s known for, even though he’s done many other masterpieces, right?

It’s not whether or not you niche that is important but that you have the FOCUS to create the masterpiece.

In this blog, I will share with you the concept of umbrella marketing, which is the solution to the question to-niche-or-not.

If niching has never felt like you, watch this video to discover 3 Tips to Showcase Your Biz Energy without a Niche


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