The Spark to Manifesting Clients

spark your manifestation.png

When I first manifested a client, I was so excited! I immediately wanted to do it again and I couldn’t understand why it didn’t happen.

I wondered what I was doing “wrong” so I started to learn all I could about manifestation.

But often what I heard or felt intuitively when I was “learning” was that something was off.

In all this 3D learning, my 5D senses were trying to tell me that there was more to it.

That I had missed the SPARK.

The spark is the resonance with heart-soul path.

Your heart-soul path for business, and for life is unique. It holds similarities to others’ journeys but it doesn’t have the same exact map.

Yet, if you’re like me, you find yourself, at times, looking for directions outside of you.

This outside focus can cause mis-direction when you blindly follow the steps of an expert without the heart-soul’s input. 

But when you work with your heart-soul’s input, this external exploration can spark
manifestation and what works for you to focus on…


Did you listen to your heart-soul when you were watching this video? Are you ready for more guidance on receiving your divinely guided desires?