Test and tweak alignment for your biz


I never liked deadlines, when in corporate or now.

Yet our industry has sooo many…

...opt-in by this date to receive

...can only watch this until this date

...join by this date

Society conditions us to do things by time, not by alignment.

For years, like any good student, I implemented these industry standard tools.

But aren’t I...aren’t you...bringing about change?

This means making a stand to do something FOR your alignment and create a new standard that is in alignment with you.

While practical deadlines can be used in business, they have been overused so I’m simplifying them down to when they are really needed.

It’s been a few weeks now that I’ve implemented an approach that no longer focusing on time but rather instead, when it’s a fit for you. AND it’s working incredibly well, gaining visibility FOR my posts and attracting clients I’m loving to work with.

Plus, it simply feels more like me.

What can you do to test and tweak alignment to fit your business model, not simply going with the industry standard or even what your mentor does?

3 tips to go with what is in alignment for you - what fits.

#1 - what resonates with your emotions

Noticing what you don’t like doing, what feels difficult or hard (not because you’re resisting but simply because it’s not you) has the power to guide you away from what’s not in alignment

Leading you to explore other inspired ideas that are.

#2 - spend time with your intuition as strategy

The fastest way out of mass societal conditioning or your own past-derived patterns are by coming home to your heart-soul: your intuition.

Taking action in alignment based on that heart-soul calling, those inspired ideas so unique to you.

#3 - transcend the fear to take action

Is fear stopping you from implementing these unique ideas? Does your mind caution you that it’s not proven?

Come back to being present and let it remind you that you’re safe, that all thoughts of the future are an illusion until it’s created by you.

Now you’re ready for alignment to grow your business and manifest clients with ease!


Stay tuned for the next Mindset and Manifest blog post coming to you next week.