Tap Into Manifestation from Anywhere


Earlier in June I went away with my family to the beach. It’s an annual trip and one I love coming back to.

Of course, there’s the warmth of the sun, the smell of the ocean (nothing like that salty air)…

But even more key for my energy, especially as an entrepreneur, is that it ties me back to presence.

Presence is that happening in the NOW, feeling of being which is equivalent to spiritual power

The support to manifest everything 

and it took me years to realize, because the concept seems so simple

I used to think that manifesting required lots of action and fierce concentration, not letting in any token of doubt.

Even to a high energy gal like me, the thought of all that focus didn’t feel easy or natural.

And manifestation is natural - it happens all the time.

So, where does it start?

And what can you do to tap into it 

3 Ways to Tap into Manifestation from Anywhere

1 ∞ did you ever notice that when you are in a setting like the beach or the wide open mountains, you feel expansive? AND at peace? 

Those feelings of expansion and peace create the same energy as presence, the very powerful center where you call things to you, aka manifesting.

To manifest more consciously, cultivate experiences and moments that bring you expansiveness and peace.

2 ∞ when you’re quiet with that cup of tea or coffee, when all those thoughts come in...that inspired action you feel called to take

It’s connected to your true heart desire, right? That place that is divinely meant to happen, without a defined timeline.

Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the more you open the door to your intuition, the clearer your divinely guided desires would be?

To manifest anywhere, you stay in connection with your intuition because it IS that inspired action and the action itself isn’t important but rather, the inspiration vibration you feel.

AND 3 ∞ ...ever notice that when you are on vacation, you take actions simply for the joy of it? 

And great experiences always seem to result from it, even though you didn’t intend for them!

Ah, now you’re getting it...the actions that feel aligned to manifest are those that you take because you enjoy them.

Like when I was sitting at the beach in June and felt expansiveness + peace, when I was inspired to write this blog and simply took the action in less than 15 minutes.

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