Success in Failure is Synchronicity to Manifest


This time 5 years ago I was planning a big event in a purchased meeting space. I had invested in my first business coach (having previously worked with life coaches) and I was excited for what was to come.

I was not ready yet for what I set out to do but I didn’t know it at the time.

It all started because I had a vision of myself on stage, talking to a ton of people. I assumed that vision was meant for then and I immediately booked space earlier that April.


Not a single person registered, due in part to a technical snafu but there was more to it.

I still remember what my business coach said to me, as I was crying (so emotional) and frustrated by actions I didn’t take, actions I took that didn’t create results I wanted and so on…

The results are often not what we expect, but they are always what we need.

Her statement stopped me in my tracks. Does it trigger you too? 

After a few months, I realized she was on to something. 

I attracted 500 people in 1 week with 3 posts.

My focus had shifted to something I believed I could do now.

That very failure of an event led me to create an online space that was a magical hit…

Here are 3 Ways you can step out of Results to see the Soul Message, to manifest your own magical hit!

1 ∞ remember your ultimate goal; you aren’t done yet.

Yes, it may be time to rest and honor your emotions but don’t get too comfortable there or you will miss the lesson in the experience.

2 ∞ ask what this experience is meant to teach you for your highest good?

Instead of focusing on what it didn’t give you, look to what opportunity you can take from it.

3 ∞ look for the re-direct; what different actions you can take now.

If I hadn’t seen that first I needed to create a stronger following, I wouldn’t have come to the online space where I easily attracted those I could serve.

New actions = new results.

Find you get stuck in the mindset of fear while trying to manifest?