Simplify the Steps and Increase Your Clients


I left my corporate job to bring in more balance to my life...but then I somehow re-created the hectic hustle lifestyle as an entrepreneur, despite my best efforts.

I thought I had to do all the things...posting every day, wanting clients even when I desired space, growing my list and group + more.

BUT it turns out...ALL THAT WORK...took me away from alignment and clients.

The #1 thing that changed it all was to shut out all the noise and keep it simple…

coming back to my intuition daily and asking (my divine guides and higher self) what I’m meant to do.

This simple act (which wasn’t so simple to cultivate - thank you mindset) was business and life changing…

>>> I’m inspired again and LOVE when I DO post…

>>> I post less then I did before because each post/video/email connects with my audience with a higher vibration and in turn, more aligned results (yes, I’m talking clients)

AND I feel fulfilled while having time for my family, self-care and travel.

TRUTH is when I simplified, I began to spend less time on my biz because I began focusing on ALL the things that really mattered…what was in alignment for me.

My vibration and reach expanded; my business income grew and suddenly I had time because I was spending maybe 5 hours a day on my biz.

I’m actually having better success with client attraction with less time and more simplicity…

Simplify steps for client attraction.png

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