Rewire to Manifest Clients, Income, Time


In the first few years of my business, I doubted my ability to continuously call my clients to me. After years of being a good “student” of 3D conditioning, I had trouble fully transitioning into the 5D existence…

The belief, patterns and vibrations that called clients to find me.

I’m happy to say that is now over; there’s more 5D beliefs than 3D beliefs directing my actions and the only way I’ve seen this happen for me or others is….


A term used to define shifting those 3D patterns consciously

With energy practices that focus on your mindset & emotions

Many don’t want to do this part because it requires feeling emotions and as a fellow empath + clairsentient, I get it.

It’s least until you rewire.

Then, you discover the way for emotions to move through you, still honoring them but no longer identifying with them.

During this Eclipse, Full Moon & Chiron Retrograde

I felt called to share these 3 energy practices that have helped me

Re-Wire to Manifest Clients, Income & Time...

∞ 1
...Heart & the Presence of Unconditional Love

Put your hand on your heart (it really does bring you closer to your heart-soul path), close your eyes to shut out distractions AND

Feel what it’s like to have LOVE.

Pure love, whether you remember your mother or grandmother’s embrace, a spouse or friend comes to mind, or your higher self.

∞ 2
...Receiving & Opening Up Space

Lean back in a chair that will support you and let your shoulders open up.

This may make you feel vulnerable so feel free to affirm I am safe and supported.

Picture your heart space is green, or visualize a flower opening in that space.

Allow the green or the opening to get bigger & bigger & bigger.

∞ 3
…Trust & Overcoming Surrender

Close your eyes and picture an expansive ocean (it’s key that it is water as water is tied to emotion).

Let the ocean first calm you and then pay attention to the expansiveness of the horizon, the unlimited goes on and on.

Consider that we’re all connected and intentionally call clients/income/time (or any other divinely guided desire) to you, without doing anything else.

This may spark an action, which by all means - go for it. But if it doesn’t, continue on your day.

While visualizations have served my energy practices greatly and these may spark you to create your own, you can also journal with your intuition on these topics to support your rewire.

Desire support & guidance to move through the mindset & emotions?

∞ Awaken & Attract channelings, personalized to you and based on your soul path for biz, are available to support you during eclipse season and beyond.