Redefining Abundance with Intuition

redefining abundance with intuition.png

I remember when I let money guide my business actions. It’s quite normal really and it wasn’t until recently that I saw how much it interrupted manifesting clients, income and time.

I’d say yes to something because the money was there; not because it felt aligned or I’d say no, because I didn’t want to pull the money from somewhere…

Sometimes, I was even afraid I wouldn’t manifest the money for it because the thing I desired was such an expansive move and fear dictated my vision.

The magic of directing my money based on my intuition changed my ability to manifest.

I know, I know - 3D learning teaches us to plan our money...

But it’s energy, right? How do you plan energy?

Intuition is the way you plan energy. 

As a Virgo, I’m nothing if not practical. I can tell you (and if you work with intuition you know this), it is very practical..

When you use your intuition, it’s the soundest, soul fulfilling decision for you.

Without your intuition, it’s like steering a boat without a map…

In the middle of the storm.

Watch this video for 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition


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