Overcome Fear and Accept Desire

Overcome fear & accept desire.png

As we near the end of the eclipse season, I feel like I’ve come full circle from 9 years ago, July 2010.

Back in July of 2010, I was grieving the loss of 2 pets passing, struggling to find peace for my anxiety and exploring options to bring me more balance.

The actual actions (or tactics) I took from July 2010 to January 2011 aren’t important but the focus was.

As with any Retrograde or Eclipse cycle, there is a rewind and review, then a pattern emerges…

It’s clear to me that I was finding my next divinely guided desire (FOCUS) and the feeling of exploration that is fulfilling (SOUL).

What is your next desire focus?

The actions aren’t as key as the focus.

As in business, the intuitive strategy is way more important than the intuitive tactics. The tactics can change and are meant to be explored but the strategy fits the desire, giving it focus.

The #1 thing that impacts whether you accept the desire or not is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).

3 ways Energy can Support you to Overcome Fear & Accept the Desire


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