Intuition and cards for the energy of your offer


What calls your ideal clients to your offer? What exactly creates the framework?

The inspired ideas that come in…

And I’m being called to share my energetic framework for deep diving into an offer in this blog.

I adore cards
- tarot and oracle...and their connection for me to the law of attraction energy. So awesome to see how easily they pop up and which ones comes to me with least resistance.

I wonder if it was one of the reasons I was drawn to them for this?

This being using the card as a way to dive deeper into who my offer is for, and even gain clarity for what the offer will do.

In this video, I share a real life example with a brief intro for those of you who may be new to using cards like this for your biz expansion.

You’ll discover…

>>> a tool to feel secure in your process that attracts clients

>>> a more intuitive way to access who your ideal clients are so that you speak to them with ease, calling those most aligned to you

>>> the surprising aspect to this tool I didn’t expect, saving me loads of frustration and time

Dive into the details now...


Stay tuned for the next Mindset and Manifest blog post coming to you next week.