Getting your mindset on board to manifest

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It happened again last week. I am human, after all, and super creative so my mind LOVES to take over.

But my mind very rarely goes in the same direction of my desires. Ever notice that?

Your mindset tends to take you down the thought trail, similar to Alice in the rabbit hole, where you feel like you’re falling, like you have no control over what happens to you.

You know it’s an illusion but it feels so real!

And it’s not going the way you want it’s certainly not helping you post/email/video FOR your ideal client

Would you like the solution that feels like MAGIC? that works every time.

For me, I bring myself back to the present moment by simply imagining nature - possibly a calming scene, roots growing out from under me, or an expansive ocean.

It works every time because my focus is on the beauty of the nature - the miracle of it all really.

It breaks the illusion of the rabbit hole...that what I fear or worry about will come about.

Instead, I can now focus on what I know deep in my heart can happen...that clients will continue to find me, that my business will expand even more AND all with ease.

You can find your MAGIC solution too by recognizing what brings you back to the present moment - what helps you feel grounded and super aware...what is peaceful and happy.

It does require you stop for a sec...maybe a few minutes. Once you have it down pat, that is really all the time it takes.

A few moments before I wrote this blog, I was stressed, frustrated and angry - all at the same time - about something that isn’t even likely to happen. Sound familiar?

But now, I’m excited about what could happen, FULL of ideas to share with my ideal clients and happy to enjoy my day, no matter what.

This is the MAGIC that gets you out of the mindset of the rabbit hole, every time...the solution that brings you back to the present where everything is okay right now.

The place where the universe and divine can work FOR you.

What’s your solution to bring you back to the present moment? I’d love to know!

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Stay tuned for the next Mindset and Manifest blog post coming to you next week.