Express Your Authentic Voice and Receive Your Clients


In the beginning years of my business, I wrote in my authentic voice and attracted clients with such ease…

But then I began to learn business strategies and adopted the mindset that my copy needed work.

I lost my voice and felt like each post was cookie-cutter, reducing my vibration and not attracting clients like it use to.

Being told that my copy wasn’t clear by coaches and even though it wasn’t clear to everyone, it wreaked havoc with my mindset.

It wasn’t until I started to work my intuition that I recognized what needed tweaking…

and once I tweaked a few aspects, it DID begin to work for an expanded audience, attracting my ideal clients in larger capacity

Because it was my authentic voice in a framework that worked to receive clients - it was energetically aligned to me...


In this week’s blog, discover 3 steps to attract clients with messaging without feeling like it’s forced into a format or looks like everyone else.

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