Changing the way you use assessments to manifest

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A call with a client a few weeks ago got me thinking about the way we use assessment tools to identify with ourselves.

Who doesn’t love assessment tests like Myers-Briggs, Human Design or Enneagram ( name a few)?

Okay, at times I admit, they can also have you feeling labeled but since many of my clients adore them FOR the deeper insight into aspects of themselves

I’m sharing the crucial piece today - the part that makes these tests useful to attraction - that I notice many don’t do! For years I didn’t know to do this either but when I did, I saw the HUGE benefit it brought to me in manifesting.

Sometimes the best way to understand something is to see it unfold.

(...please note these tools are not a requirement but 3 separate examples showing that any assessment tool can be useful to you to manifest.)

1. Let’s look at Myers Briggs

According to this assessment, I’m an ENFP, otherwise known as the Campaigner. ENFPs crave creativity and freedom (yessss). ENFP are also driven to understand everything which can lead to a whole slew of triggers including judgment of self and others.

Now this is the part where many stop.

>>> The crucial step to using this assessment tool is recognizing that while I identify with it, it doesn’t own me.

This assessment has given me a powerful tool to recognize a trigger, a call for me to step back…

In this case, when I see myself trying to understand it all and start judging or criticizing for lack of knowing, I can give myself the freedom to recognize it...then to literally step out of it (more on this in a bit).

2. Let’s look at how this can be realized with Human Design.

I’m a Manifesting Generator...and a Not-Self theme of Frustration. Knowing this, I can step back any time I am feeling frustrated as frustration is my trigger for recognizing I am out of alignment and not in attraction flow.

Consider the power of recognizing when you aren’t in alignment with your heart-soul path.

3. Let’s look at this again with Enneagram

This tool can be a bit more complicated as multiple identities surface - I am an Achiever, Individualist and Investigator (diverse!). For purposes of this blog, let’s focus on the Achiever.

The Achiever desires to be seen as successful and this is easy to spot when I’m making a it about how I am seen or what feels aligned?

This Clarity through a Question is simply working on recognizing the emotion (the area that trips me up, aka my trigger) as a pattern and not my identity.

Thereby, giving me the option of focusing on something else.

Our identity is our purpose and our path, why we came here - not how we react to things. The reactions are learned behaviors taught to us in society.

And anything learned can be unlearned. In fact, it’s the key to manifesting new!

Imagine how your biz and life could change if you were able to recognize your patterns and not own them anymore...

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Stay tuned for the next Mindset and Manifest blog post coming to you next week.