Begin Your Manifesting with Intuition

intuition for manifesting clients.png

Shortly after I began my business full-time, I was guided to a specific life coach to work with.

I knew that manifestation began with my thoughts so my thoughts needed to change.

What I didn’t realize was the role intuition would play in manifesting clients, income and time...

Intuition is our guidance path to our desires

It’s the compass that leads us to our unique soul path manifestation

It’s heart plus soul, and the new 5D way to live

I’ve worked with many mentors since the first life coach and I tried to adopt all the business coaches’ processes.

I was an amazing student in school but soon discovered that the process to manifest was very different from this 3D learning.

While others can spark your ability to manifest, it’s still your job to define it.

3 Ways Intuition defines Client Manifestation

1 ∞ every time you desire additional clients, ask yourself what would serve you best today to manifest clients?

2 ∞ when you feel called to share a message or post somewhere, simply do it and don’t let your mind interfere with the step any longer.

3 ∞ build trust with your intuition; a knowing that it’s taking you to your soul path for clients

When you combine the mix of intuition and vibration, it’s a powerful tool to call to divinely guided desires like clients, income and time.

Ready to discover the 4 stages of manifestation for your desires?