Ascension to the next aligned level of business


As I write the 1st blog post for this Mindset & Manifest blog series, I’m super excited and I admit, a bit nervous as old fears and worries pop up. The great thing about alignment though is that the calling to do it is stronger than the fear when it’s divine and universal timing…

This recent energy renewal helped me realize the importance of creating an ongoing framework that can reach you with everything I’ve been given in my business and life experience plus what is divinely shared with me.

To kick it off, I’ve been nudged to chat about my own recent experience with the annual ascension energy which was paired with the spring equinox, followed by the start of a new astrological cycle (and of course, there was full moon focused on balance in there too).

But please know that whenever you are being called to read this is your time to understand and integrate what’s being shared here today. That’s the beauty of law of attraction and universal timing…

So, I’m sitting thinking about how my launch for a newer program off-shoot isn’t going as expected. As any entrepreneur who has been in business awhile knows, this isn’t uncommon even for us intuitive and psychics!

The thing is ... I literally felt the shift of no longer wanting to do it and not because it was a bad idea or even unaligned for me but the timing was off.

Honoring what feels aligned for us is one of the biggest gifts we have as an entrepreneur.

Alignment is a key aspect to attraction energy and in this video, I share

>>> When to look at if an offer, message or process is in alignment

>>> Why alignment for a spiritually-minded entrepreneur is an aspect of success

>>> 3 aspects to fall back into alignment (as I write this the time is 7:07 am - synchronicity!)


Stay tuned for the next Mindset and Manifest blog post coming to you next week.