Accept Your Soul Calling with Intuition

Accept your soul calling biz divine intuition.png

You know that feeling … when you want something so bad

But you fear you can’t handle it if it were to come now

I used to feel that way about a lot of things, from clients to income to time, in my business.

Society and 3D conditioning tells us to work harder…

All this ever got me was exhausted, drained and frustrated

And no less closer to that feeling of fulfillment that there was something deeper.

I’ve always been a gal guided by impact, by reaching and helping others.

To serve gives me such a sense of fulfillment (when I include boundaries for self-love too)

But the pattern to over-give, over-do, over-focus was messing with this big time.

What’s a gal who’s growing her biz, supporting her clients, putting food on the table to do?

I found the answer wasn’t the 60 - 80 hour cycle society “work ethic” teaches.

No, the answer isn’t 3D conditioned learning at all.

Oh, you’ll use some of what you learned but understanding which fits you is most important of all.

An indicator that saved me tons of time and increased my fulfillment by 10x was developing my intuition

And accepting what I truly desired in my heart-soul (not what society wanted for me but what I knew I wanted but was afraid to go for)

3 ways intuition helps you accept what you desire

∞ what you desire is divinely guided

Since intuition comes from the divine feminine inside of you - not from external input - it is already slated for you.

When you begin to realize that your intuition is your compass, you know you’re being divinely guided with those desires too!

∞ when you’re in the energy of divine love, you know it.

Divine love is that feeling of being safe and supported. In feeling balanced and aligned.

It’s all heart and any desires that come from all heart are surely meant to be, right?

∞ when you’re present listening for your intuition…

The fear leaves and love comes in, love allows you to accept all parts of you.

Have you heard enough to start cultivating your intuition to manifest your desires of clients, income and time?

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