A powerful tool to expand your mindset for biz desires


Do your BIG desires scare you? I freely admit - when I think about my biz as I can see it in my mind - it’s so BIG...

AND the expansiveness of what I desire my business to be terrifies me - when I think about it happening right now.

I used to be embarrassed by this - I thought it meant that something was wrong with me, that maybe I really didn’t want unlimited expansion or abundance like I thought.

Then, several months ago, I realized where the disconnect was! It wasn’t me or how I felt but rather the conditioning I’ve had with society…

>>> The belief that you had to rush to the top! And that was the only way you were successful.

It wasn’t the thought of having it - it was the thought about having it now...and that I had to.

Intuitively, the fear was showing me it was out of alignment for ME to rush to the top…

Maybe you feel differently and you enjoy the rush - that’s cool. But for many who will be called to this, a light bulb will go off for you too.

I’d like to say once I had this epiphany all was magical but hey, that conditioning is deep and it’s why I love to use Magical Mantras.

A Magical Mantra gets your mindset on board with your desire journey...the steps you take now that line you up to that BIG desire…

Similar to an affirmation, it is a statement but the difference is that it is a more opening statement starting with words like I choose, I allow, I welcome.

Because let’s face it, there are some things you’re ready to manifest in this moment and other things you’re expanding in to...and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Everything happens in divine and universal timing, including your purpose.

Support your mindset to accept another way of BEING and open up to your BIG desires…

The Magical Mantra I’ve been repeating for months now is I choose to recognize my smaller achievable goals - the ones I believe are possible now - are the universe’s way to prepare me to hold my BIG desires.

Since I’ve begun to use it, a surprise came with it...my biz expanded with more ease, each day is simpler with less anxiety and I’m actually hitting my goals with joy (and without a timeline).

Are you rushing to the top because others want you to or are you enjoying your journey, celebrating each milestone you hit along the way?

PS ~ You may be one of the souls that love the adrenaline of going fast all the time but I find most of those who I attract LOVE the simpler pace of being more present. And that’s your intuition guiding you to the way that will serve you best.


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