3 Tips to Manifest Clients Without Perfectionism


For years my perfectionism kept me stuck...afraid to choose anything because it might be “wrong” or worse unaligned!

I put so much energy into 1 action being THE action that would change things.

The trend I’ve seen of 8 years as an entrepreneur is that there isn’t 1 action

It’s a multitude of smaller steps collectively that have brought me clients.

Maybe it’s a post where vibration takes over...possibly a series of blogs that confirm someone’s interest...even an intuitive reach out to calm fears about expansion

Plus many ways I probably haven’t noticed because it ALL matters.

All that attachment to 1 action or even 1 desired outcome gave me was feeling like a failure... resulting in me not taking the actions consistently or seeing the true opportunities, the magic.

Once I shifted out of perfectionism, even in the beginning, I began to see there were other options, resources and support I hadn’t imagined.

I discovered it was way more important for me to get that imperfect message, offer, or reach out to connect because it is the relationship with my clients and audience that matters most.

It’s easy to fall into a perfectionism pattern because you’re attached to your desires and you want them to look or be a certain way.

You don’t have to move through this attachment to perfectionism alone - I didn’t and I’m grateful I reached out for support.

3 Tips to Releasing Attachment to Perfectionism & Receive the Magic of Clients


Rather have 1:1 support and guidance?

∞ Practical & Magical ∞

Your opportunity to overcome a pattern in your mindset, establish an offer your ideal client loves, reset a visibility pattern so your client finds you, increase your time and balance, or create a plan you’re excited about to grow your audience.