3 Tips to Alignment to Attract Money and Clients


I used to manage my money based on what I believed a successful person should do. And I used this same practice to attempt to obtain clients in my biz.

I failed miserably...not because I was doing the processes wrong but because I left ME out of the equation.

Since childhood we’re taught money comes to us in an x,y,z manner...

Then, you become an entrepreneur and you’re taught a client attracting process that has worked for someone (maybe)...

What do you do when these processes don’t work for you? Do you keep doing them?

It all starts with ALIGNMENT.

After years of forcing myself to do what I thought I should do because it was “practical”, I began to ask myself a question FIRST - is this action even aligned for me?

This fulfilled entrepreneur doesn’t even ask if it is now but simply if it is.

If you’re feeling called to change your patterns now…

Here are 3 tips to find alignment to attract money & clients!

#1 ~ Does it feel forced or difficult to want money or clients now? And is it because you are thinking that money or clients must come a certain way (like that x,y,z path you were taught)?

Giving yourself permission to accept you desire money and clients without having to KNOW how they will come in...and the way of opportunities, resources or support will show itself to you!

Your job is simply to be open to see it

#2 ~ Are you afraid of how your life will change once you have more money and clients, specifically what would you even focus on?

Worry about money is a pretty common society pattern. It fills the space of your day to day and is like a familiar blanket. Do you know what pattern you could replace it with?

Consider using the spiritual practice of presence...if every time you worried, you instead came back to the present moment...imagine what that would feel like!

Especially when you’re present, your intuition is loudest and can provide you with actions that are in synchronicity with you, instead of what everyone else is doing.

#3 ~ Are you constricting your money or clients with a time deadline? Does it feel pressured to have to have it by a certain time?

Money is energy...it’s universal and divine timing, not man made time. Haven’t you always had a solution to your money pressure? Possibly not the way you hoped but yet, a way…

Magical Mantras are a powerful way to take you out of the FEAR and feel empowered.

When you feel empowered, there is a confidence vibration that emits and you show up to life (and your biz) differently.

Oh, I think I’ll post on that today or I’d love it if that person joined this offer...THAT synchronicity is the difference that creates the MAGIC.

Magical Mantra: I allow money to always be there for me, coming in magically divine and beautifully timed ways.

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