3 Things Every Spiritual Business Owner Needs to Sustain Clients

3 Steps for Sustainable Client Attraction.png

In 10 days, I celebrate going into my 6th year full-time in my business. But I didn’t jump right in, I spent almost 2 years part-time…

In those 2 years part-time, I realized it wasn’t simply “build it and they would come”, much to my disappointment.

A website didn’t equal clients. Neither did an email list.

Having a deep soul desire to impact or to share a message helps

But there’s more to creation...to bring things into form (aka physical reality)

Business requires a different approach for sustainability.

After all, anyone can attract 1 client but what about on repeat? To continuously (whatever this means for you) be able to call clients to you as you desire it.

Whether you’re ready to leave a job to embark on entrepreneurship full-time, you’re beginning your business part-time or you simply desire to see more sustainability...

Here are 3 things every spiritual business owner needs to sustain client attraction


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