Client Attraction Flow for Spiritual & Conscious Entrepreneurs

Master your unique client attraction process, bringing you impact, income and time that gives structure without the box and space for creativity

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Do you desire to be visible and create impact, feel fulfilled and attract clients continuously?

Are you ready to overcome the doubt, the overwhelm, the fear of failure so that you can take aligned action, be clear on your outcome and magnetize clients?

You desire balance between your biz and life
Yet feel a calling to make a deep impact you are okay working for
But not exhausting or draining you

As a sensitive, past have big dreams
But that doesn’t mean you are ready for it all now

You do desire to see a shift now
A vibrational increase to receive clients

And that it happens with ease

Are you ready to release the conditioning around your worries or fears while you live…

...spend time with family/friends/pets, write a book, blog

And of course, grow your synchronistic timing


That is the client attraction flow you step in to in Awake & Attract

And the bonus is…

Increased confidence in your biz and knowing of next steps

A model that fits your lifestyle and makes money

A process that is work but isn’t drained or feel forced...rather a flow that is fulfilling and accomplishing

Giving you impact, income and freedom of time

It's the Awake & Attract Membership
...the next best thing to working with me 1:1

Hear from a client…

I have absolutely loved working with Deb every step of the way from our first intro call to now going into my second program with her. Her intuition and guidance is extremely accurate and she really helps ground all my aspirations into where I currently am which helps me focus on the specific next steps to move forward. I am so grateful I found her and to continue working with her!


Do you ever…
~dream about clients coming through the door
~having a successful, profitable biz as an author, speaker, blogger, spiritual guide…

But you can’t seem to take the steps
...not feeling confident in what you think is next
...not knowing if they are right
...continuing to do the same thing over and over
OR...staying frozen, doing nothing at all

Awake & Attract changes all that
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what You Receive

An easy to digest monthly share that includes updates to work with intuition for steps and prepare your emotions to attract card energy reading to keep your focus aligned with you, giving you prompts and confirmation on next steps

Plus imagine receiving…
A client attraction flow masterclass on topics such as strengthening intuition for biz, creating your voice online, expanding your capacity to receive, and building a flex flow strategy that surrenders to attract.

Then special for you as a monthly member, a guided video prompt that gives you the exact steps to walk through a common challenge with the topic of the month.


The very vibrational tools you need to have a profitable biz that works with your lifestyle

No more…

100s of courses that you don’t finish

Wondering what is aligned for you


Hear from another client…

My life has opened up, expanded and soared. I think what shifted most significantly is the belief that my dreams could be a reality and the courage and knowledge to walk the path of those dreams with your positive energy and support the entire way. We have been focusing on my business dreams in a healing modality, yet personally I have changed along the path. My business is manifesting. My intuitive senses are opening and expanding at a rapid rate and I am having a blast - so happy and fulfilled.


Your Investment Is...

Frequently asked questions

1. When does it start?

Awake & Attract is continuously running with a different topic each month to ignite your client attraction flow. Once you purchase, you gain immediate access to the Facebook Group community, the bonus of the quarter and the client attraction flow worksheet.

2. Is this for me?

You desire to shift your spiritual consciousness to physical form and see your ideal clients find you, have a flexible schedule and timing determined by you… You are ready to expand your reach and are willing to shift the patterns that have been stopping you from reaching the vibration match to what you heart-soul desire. If you said yes to either the above, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Come join us!

3. How much time will I need for this membership?

It sounds like a lot is included… You determine the level of involvement and pace. Not everything in this membership will be for you as it was created for a diverse population. Your intuition will guide you to what is needed when.

4. Will this help me if I’m already intuitive but not yet having all the clients or time I want?

Absolutely! This membership will guide you to harness what is most important to you, whether it is more clients or more time for your life. In the process, you will be able to integrate those gifts to activate them on a higher level for powerful creation aligned with you.

5. Will the money come out automatically each month and can I cancel at any time?

Yes, this membership is automated for ease but it can be cancelled at any time. There are no refunds as you will be receiving continuous guidance and support.

And of course, what are the topics each month?

Join prior to the 1st of the month to ensure you receive access to the client attraction flow masterclass of the month…
January: Divine Intuition Part 1
February: Divine Intuition Part 2
March: Spirit Synchronicity
April: Open Your Umbrella to Attract
May: Voice for Vibration - Your Bat Signal
June: Visibility Release for Messaging Magic
July: Energy of Receiving
August: Inviting & Welcoming Clients
September: Wealthy Empath
October: Your Intuitive Compass & Flex Flow Strategy
November: Create Your Client Vibration & Brand as You
December: Master Manifesting (and bonus opportunity for an annual psychic channeled reading)
You’re ready to activate your gifts on a higher level for a powerful creation >>> your biz and more clients!

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For less than $15/week, you can have access to the tools to support and guide you to do just that.

It’s time to let your desires become stronger than your fear...Create and expand your business for impact, income and freedom of time.

Join the membership today.

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Deb Farina

Deb is extremely passionate about bringing attraction energy authentic marketing to all spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs so they can create their own energetic aligned process to attract clients and scale their business for freedom of time. She has over 15 years of coaching experience and 7+ years working in psychic strategy with spiritual entrepreneurs. Prior to setting out on her own, she worked for small and medium sized entrepreneurial companies, guiding CEOs and COOs to double and triple their businesses.