Deb Farina

Do you get stuck with the intuition piece that sets off your client attraction flow?

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Welcome Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur!

Is worry, fear or anxiety showing up for you around attracting clients?

It’s something that has shown up time and time for entrepreneurs guided to me because you haven’t yet found your client attraction flow!

Release the frustration with your current process and master your intuition as a jumping off point…

In this video, you will discover 2 easy ways to access your intuition, specifically to harness your idea or next step that attracts clients.

Unfamiliar with how intuition is used in client attraction?

I mention that too! Plus, you also discover what you can do when your intuition seems murky and not clear.

There’s even an exercise I use and share with my clients that helps me get comfortable choosing which idea or step to go for.

All in this less than 10 minute video: The Role of Intuition in Client Attraction & 2 Easy Ways to Access It

Watch it now…


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