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Vision • voice • vibration

You desire to create impact and income with your passions
Where your gifts naturally spotlight and attract your tribe

You have some doubt about doing it your way
The How isn’t crystal clear

When you hear you have to choose 1 ideal client, it feels so restrictive
People aren’t clear with what outcome it is you can help them reach

Dive in deeper because YOU are exactly who I support and guide…
Conscious Entrepreneur, it’s time for you to light that fire and create your own unlimited expansion - income, impact and time freedom!

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Work With Me VIP

Attract Your Clients VIP Package is for the Conscious Entrepreneur Ready to Attract Soul Clients...and More Clients!

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We’ll focus on your voice and vibration...your message that supports multiple modalities or interests, what the transformations (or outcomes) you provide are and expand your reach with your own client attraction process, integrating your energy work into your business.

Go from Want to Welcoming In Clients

You receive 1:1 Psychic Business Coaching sessions, lasting 45 - 60 minutes, over 6 months including, but not limited to, guidance to...

>>> Develop your voice and message style to reach your ideal clients, no matter how diverse they are

>>> Direct your mindset and energy to what you desire, more of what you want and design a structure that expands your freedom of time and creativity

>>> Define your attraction process and offers your audience says yes to, creating your on ramps for continued income and impact

Plus access to trainings from my content library as needed


Meet 2x/month via zoom to total 12 sessions: $5700 or 6 monthly payments of $1100

Customized options available including meet 1x/month to total 6 sessions: $3000 or 6 monthly payments of $550

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An opportunity to see where you can receive psychic guidance personalized to your biz, to receive confirmation on what is energetically aligned and most possible to attract clients for you now.

Here’s an example of what to expect:

Deb helped me identify my ideal clients and to formulate exactly the right words to use to talk to them. Something I'd been trying to do on my own for months was accomplished in that fifteen minute assessment call with Deb! ~ Karen

Free with code CLIENTS