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 Overcome doubt, be seen and create your impact

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Intuitive • Empowered • Purpose-Driven

Hey there! I’m Deb Farina
and I was where you are now

...desiring a life and career that fulfills you
...increasing your unique impact on the world
...bringing abundance in all forms

Because Freedom of

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Matter to You


You have a dream, a vision
That is bigger than you are now

But you know you can bridge that gap

You desire to be seen and impact


You desire to create impact with your multiple passions
Where your gifts naturally shine and attract your tribe

You have some doubt about doing it your way
The how isn’t clear.


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About Deb

...I’m so glad you were guided here! Come discover more about this grounded, fun-loving, psychic business and life coach, who specializes in overcoming doubt and being seen to attract clients, aligned with your path.

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