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Hey there conscious entrepreneur! 

I’m excited you’re here. I know you’re ready for clients.

You're tired of taking the steps and not seeing the results. You are ready for your business to emerge and truly make that impact NOW.

AND with clients you love to work with it.


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Dive right into the deeper work in a group setting, know you aren’t alone and receive 1:1 coaching live to shift your mindset and give your messaging the support it needs for aligned offers in these hybrid program options. Fill your programs and book your schedule to fit your lifestyle.


Give yourself permission to go bigger and receive re-assuring feedback for your mindset, confirmation for your direction and clarity to align your offers so you naturally attract your soul clients from your first offer to filling programs...all with fun, ease and flow. Gain access to everything you need in exclusive VIP options.


Begin to experience what it’s like to be guided and supported by me with free live offerings and low cost stepping stones for your foundation. Bring in more focus and intention to all your multi-passionate layers and gain traction on what you are bringing out into the world!


About Deb

Welcome! I’m Deb Farina. A grounded, fun-loving, psychic business coach who can take you from no results to soul clients. I love to guide conscious entrepreneurs to bring your gifts out into the world from creating an offer you and your client loves to integrating spirituality into your biz for more fun, fulfillment and freedom.

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